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KAM OTTO is a fashion industry that was introduced back in 2006 by Caroline Khelaifia to offer quality and unique European Labels into Australia. Addressing from France, not only she is equipped 20-year experience, but also an inspiration and natural development instinct from playing and using fabrics, designs, and colors. Kamotto Lifestyle Products initiated by Caroline was fashion-driven based on the family from France.

CalogeraPaterno was her grandmother who was a dressmaker who creates her studio in Grenoble that was back in 1960. She has an Italian mother who was also stylish and models from Morgan Paris. Therefore it was possible for Caroline to follow her footsteps. Thus, starting a fashion business was her calling.

KAM OTTO modeling history

After shifting to Melbourne, Australia in the year 1994, which was just intended for a short holiday, she officially began modeling career. Her business was leading fashion retail store in Melbourne, which included jewelry and fashion designing; styling video music. Later, she introduced contacts with reputable players in Australian fashion business to work with distribution and wholesale that later advanced into the launching of KAM OTTO.

She made Melbourne her home with her daughter. She has competence knowledge of general sides of the fashion industry in Australia and other parts of the world. Her competence experience has offered a full understanding of the advanced world of fashion, whereby she manages to offer valuable customized attention to meet every client’s requirements.


Reasons for buying a wristwatch

The Wristwatch is one of the lifestyle products australia for men.  In fact, it is typically a luxury watch which is functional and timeless accessories that define someone’s personality just like corporate individuals who wear an expensive legit watch. Sporty watch also goes right sporty personality. In this generation of digital mobile phones, you might wonder why there is a reason to spend on purchasing a watch.

However, you can be surprised to discover that there are many reasons you should have wristwatch daily. The following are some of these reasons.

Watch is convenient

Compared to cellular phones, the watches are handy. To see the time, it’s far regularly baffling to take out smartphone out of the pocket to realize the whenever and everywhere, even as being inside the bus or driving the automobile. As a count of reality, the phones don’t maintain us punctually, however, the watches do.

 Provide Simplicity

The watches bring the grace of simplicity, that feeling of richness to the individual carrying it. Most of the watches include an imaginative mechanical clockwise mechanism that appeals fashionable at the operating people.

Looks Stylish and Elegant

The variety of Jeweler with regards to guys is quite limited, but the watch is certainly one of them. The watches lend a stroke of class and elegance to the wearer’s hand. In addition to that, the wrist watches help wearers stay in keeping with the schedules, the wrist watches are an excellent manner to show your feelings of style. The watches offer a hint of self-expression, it communicates about a wearers character. For excessive-fame individuals, a royal watch is a proper choice.

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