Let the Diamond 4C’s Be Prioritized – Great Tips for Picking Up the Right Cut Diamonds!

Let the Diamond 4C’s Be Prioritized - Great Tips for Picking Up the Right Cut Diamonds!

Diamonds are indeed the most precious gemstone among others. Every woman on earth is crazy about diamondsisn’t it? Whether it is the birthday of your lady love or your anniversary, buying diamond jewellery for them can be the best way to express your feelings for them!

However, while buying them, it is important to remember 4 C’s that refers to the four main factors that determine quality and diamond of diamonds. The following pointers will help you know a bit more about them. Take a look!

Importance of 4C’s!

  • Cut

The diamond’s cut refers to its finish and proportions that influences value of diamond greatly. However, it is not the shape of the diamond that it refers to. It is in fact referred to finished diamond shape that even determines how well it absorbs and reflects the light. The better the cut, more sparking the diamond will be.

  • Clarity

It is level of the flawlessness of a diamond. It indicates level of imperfections that can differ making the diamonds unique just like fingerprint. It generally refers to type or amount of inclusions that are present in it.

  • Colour

While the traditional diamonds are thought to be a white stone, they can be available in number of colours including yellow, pink, etc. Colour of a diamond is normally rated on scale of D-Z where D is totally colourless and Z being noticeable yellow.

  • Carat

It refers to weight of diamond. Many people confuse it to be its size or indication of stone’s physical dimensions, but it is not the case. It is one of the most important factors to consider while buying diamond jewellery online.

Best tips to select Fancy Cut Diamonds

The round brilliant cut was traditionally very popular diamond shape because of its best light properties and versatility. However, with the rise of consumer’s demand for more diamond jewellery designs, there has been remarkable increase in new cuts as well as revival of the vintage designs.

Today, you can get numerous fancy shaped diamond options online. However, it should be noted that the selection criteria and the process won’t be same for different diamond shapes. For instance, inclusions in emerald cut are easy to detect with naked eyes as compared to round diamond. Therefore, higher clarity grade is mostly recommended when purchasing emerald cut diamonds.

With proper knowledge, you can easily shop with confidence online. No matter whether you want to buy an engagement or a necklace, you can be sure to get the best piece of jewellery for your price online. While buying jewellery online, you will prevent from paying expensive overheads that most of the physical stores pass on you. Plus, you won’t be pressurized by the sales people for making any purchase.

Online stores offer you a large selection of diamonds and thereby allow you to pick up just the best one for you. It is not possible in physical store where you are restricted to few choices.

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