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What is the role of the hearth roll in the metallurgical industry?

The hearth roll is an indispensable processing equipment in the steel plate smelting and production process. In order to ensure the requirements of the steel plate production, the hearth roll also has high requirements for use. Hearth roll is a typical centrifugal casting pipe fitting, which is one of the important parts for supporting and transporting slabs in metallurgical equipment. It is widely used in steel plate continuous casting and rolling production lines.

During the rolling process, the slab needs to be continuously and stably heated in the heating furnace to a rolling temperature of 1050-1150 °C, and the slab is supported stably by the hearth roller to ensure smooth and uniform transportation. Since the middle section of the hearth roll is directly installed in the billet calcining furnace, the furnace gas temperature is as high as about 1150 ℃ during the production process, and it is usually made of high-temperature alloy materials such as ZG45Cr28Ni48W5Si2. At the same time, since the support part in the middle of the furnace bottom roll is directly installed in the furnace, and the cone section and the bearing support part are respectively installed in the furnace wall and outside the calcining furnace, the temperature gradient of different parts of the furnace bottom roll is very large, so The furnace bottom roller is generally welded by the cylinder, the cone and the shaft. In order to reduce the burning loss on the inner surface of the cone, a heat insulation plate is designed inside the cone. In order to ensure the smooth transportation of high temperature slabs, it is required that the roller shaft is not deformed and the outer roller ring is heat-resistant and wear-resistant.

Now everyone understands the application of hearth roll re-metallurgy. Only by understanding its function can it be used better. Moreover, in order to ensure the good performance of the hearth roll and prolong the service life, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out.