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Why do heat-resistant steel castings produce pores?

Air holes in heat-resistant steel. In the casting process of the lost mold, it is a common phenomenon. The pores appear in the heat-resistant steel castings, and they appear in the same position in individual positions, which can only be found during the machining process. In most cases, the main cause of stomata. It is manifested in the casting mold when casting molten steel. mold. There is no way to always generate a lot of gas, and it can be successfully photographed to form pores in the molten metal. The air donated into the molten steel during pouring failed to remove the pores in time. Thereby, pores are formed inside. When casting, it is necessary to set more components in the place with complex structure. When the vent hole is poured, considering the shape of the mold, leave the vent hole in the four positions to heat the mold, and a reasonable time should be sufficient. when casting. Pouring time is uniform. Make sure the steel level is stable. Reduce the trapped air to prevent the gas in the mold from going out.