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Heat treatment process of heat resistant steel castings

Heating is one of the important processes in the heat treatment of heat-resistant steel castings. There are many heating methods. In the past, charcoal and coal were used as heat sources, but now more liquid and gas fuels are used for heating. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use electric heating for heat-resistant steel castings, which is not only easy to control but also has no environmental pollution.
Secondly, cooling is also an indispensable step in the heat treatment process of heat-resistant steel castings. Although the cooling method varies with different processes, the key is to control the cooling rate. Relatively speaking, the cooling rate of annealing heat-resistant steel castings is relatively slow, while the cooling rate of normalizing is faster, and the faster cooling rate is the quenching rate of heat-resistant steel castings.
When cooling, due to the different grades of heat-resistant steel castings, the requirements are also different. But all in all, heat treatment is a metal heat treatment process that heats the heat-resistant steel casting as a whole, and then cools it at an appropriate rate to obtain the required metallographic structure to change its overall mechanical properties.