Tencel™ jeans vs cotton jeans—which are better

Tencel™ jeans vs cotton jeans—which are better

Cotton has been the preferred material for making jeans for years. Itsincreased demand is linked to the fact that it’s a natural material that’s breathable, easy to maintain and highly washable. The invention of more eco-friendly and breathable materials like Tencel has made cotton less popular and less in demand. Now, more designer jean experts are opting for Tencel when creating their products. Let’s have a look at the key differences between Tencel™ jeans vs cotton jeans.


The cost of manufacturing Tencel jeans is quite higher compared to that of making cotton jeans. The key reason behind this is that Tencel is a rare and costly fabric that’s sourced naturally using all-natural technologies. The high cost of Tencel jeans is for good reasons. First, since it’s an all-natural fabric it releases fewer toxins to the environment. Also, it’s quite more fashionable and durable.


In nature, Tencel is super absorbent. So, it dyes better with all sorts of colors and dyes. It’s likewise smoother, cooler and a bit more hygienic. This simply makes Tencel jeans more fashionable and livelier. As for cotton jeans, they have a better crisp appearance and matte when you compare them with Tencel. If you are looking for a stylish and more fashionable jean and you happen to have a higher budget, it would be best you opt for Tencel jeans.


When it comes to jeans durability, Tencel jeans are way stronger and more durable. Tencel jeans don’t experience extreme wrinkling. They are as well easier to wash and maintain. Again, Tencel jeans are less susceptible to thinning meaning they will serve you for longer. A well-knitted Tencel jean can serve you for several years before you need to replace it.

Environmental Friendliness

Tencel is organically sourced from natural plants. The production process is entirely environmentallyfriendly. The solvents used are all non-toxic as well as the machines. Also, the solvent used is reusable and can be reused once and again. This simply means that using Tencel jeans is a great way to conserve the environment.


Tencel is widely known to have stronger hydrophilic properties meaning it’s quite good when it comes to absorbing skin moisture and keeping you clean and dry. In other words, wearing jeans produced of Tencel does not expose you to extreme toxic elements that can affect your skin health. As for cotton, it’s hypoallergenic, breathable, and non-irritating so it is as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

When shopping for jeans, it’s highly recommended you first check out what material they are made of. Although the range of Tencel jeans in the market is not quite high, it’s highly recommended you do your research well. As you have seen, Tencel jeans are more breathable, durable, reliable, and smarter. However, they are a bit more costly when in comparison with cotton jeans. That’s the reason if you are in a low budget, you should consider opting for cotton jeans rather than Tencel jeans. It’s always advisable you evaluate your personal lifestyle and preferences when deciding which of the two to buy.

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