The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

No person would probably say no to a shining, shimmering accessory with gemstones on it, right? Aside from being the go-to gift for your special someone, it’s something precious and valuable. In this modern day and age, we know for a fact that gemstones are usually, almost only, used in accessories because of its beauty and elegance. But not many of us are aware that during the ancient times and Medieval Period, people use gemstones to vitalize their water.

Apparently, during those times, they immerse gems in their water, and it has proven to give them more energy, especially during hunting and fighting wars. It also helps in alleviating pain which is especially useful during those times when peace is not a thing yet.

This gem water tradition has been modernized to fit our more active and on-the-go lifestyle. Gems are put in a hand-made Bavarian glass and enclosed in an elegant-looking water bottle. People have been trying this modernized tradition and it has benefited them a lot.


As we are all aware of, our bodies are composed of 70% water. Water, for us humans, is a basic necessity our body and mind needs to function well. When the water we drink is exposed to gemstones, the energy in the gems is transferred to the water which is then transferred to us when we drink.

Gem water is associated with many positive health benefits such as better concentration and alertness, improved sensuality, higher self-confidence, softer skin and aids in alleviating allergies.

If you want a change from the usual accessory gift this year, this might be the holiday gift ideas you’re looking for because aside from being useful and healthy, the gem combinations are specifically designed for different types of people.


There are eighteen different and interchangeable gem combinations for every type of person. There are the orange calcite and clear quartz for your bouncing ball of a sunshine friend. There is also the combination of rock crystals and rose quartz that fosters tranquility and amethyst which fosters the mind for your mother who needs peace and tranquility just for a moment. Give your special someone the combination of garnet, clear quartz and rose quartz which is widely known as the quintessential stone of love, tenderness, and sensuality. This combination is stimulated energy which aids intimacy.

Just think of the person you want to give this gift to, and you can think of the gem combination that would aid his or her lifestyle.

Aside from the usefulness and benefits, a person can get from gem water, drinking from an elegant water bottle with gems in its more valuable than a gem-decorated accessory. Unlike accessories, it will never go out of style.

In just a few more days, this year will be over, and if you’re still looking for presents this holiday season, this might be the perfect holiday gift ideas for you. Healthy, useful, elegant-looking and more importantly, matches our need—now, who would say no to this perfect holiday gift?

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