Top 10 Fashion Brands To Check

Top 10 Fashion Brands To Check

On a daily basis, the one question that always comes to our mind is ‘What to wear?’. Though ourwardrobe is full, we have nothing to wear. Maybe there are some clothes in our cupboard which are completely out of fashion. And when fashion is mentioned, trends and brands are complimentary things. What’s trending in the fashion world has become an important part of our lives. It is also necessary to keep yourself updated.As Kenzo Takada has quoted, “ Fashion is like eating. You shouldn’t stick with the same menu.”. So you should always try something new when it comes to fashion and looking good. And where fashion is involved, the trends change at a very fast pace. And in day – to – day life it is necessary to look good. Well, c’mon you can’t go to your workplace or high school wearing some outdated outfits. Think how embarrassing it would be. So its time to throw away the old clothes and get little trendy. The fashion brands are always giving us new and trendy things all over the year.The top brands in UK have released their spring/summer 2018 ready-to-wear  collection. And it is just breathtakingly good. To be in the news among your colleagues and friends, here are the top fashion brands trending in United Kingdom offering discounts at Deal Voucherz, shortlisted for you.  They are in no particular order.


Talking about fashion and Gucci is not mentioned! So not happening. As Gucci is always in trend and a very well known brand,it’s spring/summer 2018 ready-to-wear collection will surely be added to your wishlist. This collection doesn’t only focus on the season but it takes you around the world.

What to look for: The jersey jackets, printed cardigans, opioid bag collection.

Forever 21

A surprising entry in the top fashion brands in UK this year was Forever 21. It’s cola with Taco Bell is doing wonders for the brand. This brand is youngsters new sensation.

What to look for: The Taco Bell collection which includes tops, bodysuits, goodies with famous graphics of each of the brands and the contemporary collection.

Marks & Spencer

The flattering sleeves, holiday shop, autumn 17, online exclusive were some of the collections that kept Marks & Spencer alive throughout the year. It’s unique collection act as a magnet which pulls young generation.

What to look for: Eastern inspired prints, tactile jacquard fabrics, soft touch sweaters, the classic, colour code, tailored silhouettes.


The fall ready-to-wear collection had a good impact on people. It was a ease and wearable collection. It included wing mirror clutch bags, key-laden  ha in necklaces and diamanté belt – buckle earrings. The black collection also proved to be a good one for the brand.

What to look for: The classic gold city collection, new swing collection.

Saint Laurent

The spring/summer 2017 ready-to-wear, pre fall and the fall 2017ready-to-wear collection hit the floor big. And for some reasons, YSL  never disappoints it’s consumers.

What to look for: The spring 2018 collection jackets, some range of tunics, tops, t – shirts, cargo pants, skirts and bags.

H & M

Thus brand has all you need from daily essentials to an eye – catching piece. You name it and the brand has it already. The one store where you find the latest fashion trends.

What to look for: Slim jeans, polo neck, coats, jumpers, stripped print collection, full coat, tuxedo trousers and tuxedo jackets.


The Giorgio Armani Fall 2017 and Spring 2017 collection kept the brand in news for the year. This brand is known for the Italian clothing, finely – tailored officewear, evening wear, outerwear andand accessories for professionals.

What to look for: Giorgio Armani Men’s  jackets, EmporioArmagh Women’s t – shirt,  men’s down  t – shirts, Nappa leather jackets, jogging trousers, polo shirts, scarfs.


The Supreme spring/summer 2017 collection which had scarface jackets, numerous  motifs, Mark Gone ales art were the reasons for its presence in the fashion trends this year. The ‘Crop Field’ video teaser had a great impact on the sale of Supreme this year.

What to look for: Leather jackets, caps, troopers, t – shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies.


There are clothing, shoes and accessories with a with range of colours and styles available in the Adidas stores and also on the online site. The brand has a range of casual and sports clothing and accessories.

What to look for: Swim shorts, harden vol. 1 shoes, racing shoes and tank tops.


This brand is a no. 1 choice of teens. The Black History Month Collection attracted a large amount of consumers.

What to look for: Skateboarding t – shirts, running tops and shoes, tennis trousers, training tanks and crops.

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